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Consistency, reliability and dependability of service delivery are the outcomes of continuous improvement. Improvement in the delivery of goods and services can only be achieved by iterating feedback provided by users or consumers into decision-making. To achieve this, corporate decision-makers must show continuous commitment to implementing a feedback system if they want to positively impact the bottom line of their organization.
The intelligence from the feedback becomes an invaluable input for all departments and units under the umbrella of the organization. 

The information technology department can attach the feedback received on the use of applications and systems (ATM, Web application, etc.) to make a case for more spending for a system upgrade; the Customer experience Hub/Dept. can also use feedback on customer relations and complaint management to train marketing/sales executives based on where a gap in the service delivery is identified.


Setting A Common Industry Standard For Competitive Analysis

Benchmarking your performances with your peers within the same industry drives competitiveness.

Applying reliable KPI that drives excellent customer service.

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Why CX Window?

Unlock to Explore the full benefits for better performances.

    • Actionable intelligence: Act on the emotional intelligence of your customer base and strategize to achieve a high retention rate
    • Insightful Analytics: Let the key performance indicators and metrics speak to your underlying data
    • Instant feedback: : Instantaneous feedback grants frontline staff the opportunity to adopt and adapt to customer expectations as they view complaints and feedback
    • Weakest/Strongest link: Identify the branch that is the weakest or the strongest in the chain of branches and take proactive action to avoid customer flight
    • Segmentations: segment your customer base to gain higher visibility into customer perceptions and expectations
    • Friendliness: A simple and user-friendly application for end-users to drive enough traffic to generate critical data for analysis
    • Real-time: Receive feedback as and when customers react and make an instantaneous positive change to reduce customer attritions.
    • Track performances: To be highly competitive, you need to improve by tracking and measuring your performances
    • Customer empowerment: Empowerment drives the urge to do more as end-users feel good to communicate what they have experienced for organizations to leverage the huge data to improve.
    • 99.99% Service Uptime: Providing you with a reliable platform for usability and accessibility
    • Gap analysis: Answering the ‘Why?s’, requires the need for gap analysis to avoid cost or reduce the cost of attracting new customers
    • Multi-Channel: The App can be activated via SMS, QR Code and Mobile App.
    • Data Security & Privacy: Feedback from customers is highly secured from unauthorized intrusions which guarantee total security
    • System integration: With a clean, consumable and robust API, the system can be integrated into your virtual products and services.