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It is a feedback application system that administers a short questionnaire to both existing and potential customers of a company to encapsulate customer feedbacks and suggestions. It provides a single window for client-company to deploy in order to identify, assess and analyse customer service related challenges associated with specific service units/departments/entities within the entire customer service delivery value chain.

The Cx Window Feedback Application is a product of Hyve Procure.

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It is the trademark of Riecheld, Bain & Company. It is a simple solution that solves complex problems. The NPS is a research tool that is used by world-class companies to impact their bottom-line. This is a core feature within the Cx Window that administers a single question to customers which enables the client to segment the customer base into promoters, neutrals and detractors. It affords the company to monitor its NPS Score at periodic times and also get to know what each of the segment is saying.


To derive the value and obtain actionable intelligence to drive your decision making processes towards an achievable results, this feature generates insightful reports and communicates with the right tools for your rapt understanding. It also affords client to download data for further and better analysis.


This is a management philosophy that is widely practice by best-in-Class organizations to incorporate the voice of the customer into the development of goods and services. With this functionality, the customer feels a sense of pride and association with the organization in producing quality customer service. This feature is integrated into the Net Promoter Score to track and evaluate what customers are saying about a specific product and service of the organization.


We have incorporated features and tools that are needed by our cherished clients to enable them to manipulate and generate reports. The dashboard is well enriched with all the tools and features required by clients to ensure a good return-on-investment which guarantees profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

Why CX Window?


    • 24/7 On-line application platform to capture feedbacks and suggestions.
    • Mobile APP freely downloadable @ Google Play and IOS App Store
    • Identification of the weakest link in the chain of branches.
    • Customer empowerment, hence consistent build up to the consolidation of confidence.
    • API integration into client application to trigger callbacks in order to constantly engage customers for feedbacks
    • Identify segments of the customer base (promoters, neutrals, detractors)to gather intelligence
    • Frontline customers will have a restricted access to what customers are saying about their service in real-time for instant improvement



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$ 39.99 /Month

Full Access
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12-Months Support


$ 28.99 /Month

Full Access Library
2 - 5 Branches
12 - Months Support


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We have implemented various levels of security measures and have also obtained industry-standard data and security certifications to protect client data from espionage or infiltrations. We have also instituted a comprehensive backup plan for all data and information. We have also been certified by the Ghana data protection authority to regulate how we capture, store, manage and use data.


We have carefully and vigorously crafted and designed robust API’s to enable our cherished clients to fully derive the full benefits of the feedback application system. This API’s will call on clients system applications in order to trigger special services from our applications. The API’s are simple to implement to get both systems talking in a very seamless, efficient and effective manner. Our engineers are on a standby to facilitate the integrations.