Frequently Asked Questions


Cx Window is defined as a Customer Experience Window. It is a feedback application system.

The Cx Window administers a very short but powerful questionnaire to both existing and potential customers of an organization.

The Cx Window can be accessed by scanning a QR Code or activatable SMS link, via the Cx Window website or the service providers website.

Any organization can subscribe to the platform. You just need to identify and register under the sector you belong.

We have four main subscription packages. They are standard, Pro, Growth and Enterprise. Each of the packages is defined by the number of branches you can register.

The questionnaire has been strategically structured to generate actionable intelligence. We have adopted Net Promoter Score, quality function deployment and Key Performance indicators that are relevant to each sector.


Yes, you need to register your full name, email and contact first before you can have access to the Cx Window App.

No, but to be identified by your service provider, you need to enter your cell number so they can call you to resolve any emerging or existing issue.

You can get access by scanning the QR Code, via SMS links, your service providers’ website and the Cx Window website. 

It will take not more than 60-seconds to send your feedback

You will get better services and if possible, your service providers can reward you for your frequent giving feedback.


Cx Window is defined as a Customer Experience Window. It is a feedback application system.

The Cx Window has been organized into seventeen different categories. So, your organization must Identify which category customers can easily associate your organization to.

We have carefully identified multiple points of engagement to generate reliable data for decision-making. They are QR Code, SMS link, API integration and the Cx Window website.

The QR Code will enable customers to scan to get direct access to the Cx Window application. The SMS link upon clicking will also get the customer direct access to the Cx Window application. The Cx Window Website also provides an avenue for both clients and customers to the application. The API integrates into your systems to constantly trigger feedback requests to generate the needed traffic to generate reliable data.

Clients after subscription, will have full access to the backend of the Cx Window application to monitor all your branches and generate download reports.

We have identified some medium through which customers will be informed and engaged to give their feedback. They are stickers on entry doors, animation on your screens, flyer and roll-up banner but at your own cost. All these mediums will be branded according to the corporate colours of the organization. 

We will embark on an extensive and intensive radio, television and social media campaign at our cost.

Yes, we provide data value analysis services but at a reasonable cost. Please check our subscription page


We have developed a robust and clean API integration system which can be deployed free of charge.

The Cx Window API will trigger feedback requests to customers every time they perform a transaction

No, there is absolutely no maintenance cost.